Saturday, January 31, 2009

Welcome to New Jersey

We made it! Not counting the two stops to feed Bubba and give Magoo a chance to stretch her legs it took us five hours to get here. Chris did a great job picking out the house. It's adorable! We are about 1/2 unpacked. When we are fully unpacked I'll post pictures. Magoo slept in her bed all night. So far she is transitioning well and LOVES her new home. We spent the day exploring the area. We found a Christmas Tree Shoppes and a place to get our nails done. A pedicure later and I'm feeling pretty good :) Chris took Jenn into the city for an authentic Philly cheese steak at Gino's. We are putting the unpacking on hold so we can hang out with my sister before she leaves in the morning :( Stay tuned for more updates! I'll post whenever the kids do something fun.