Friday, October 23, 2009

Charlie 10 month update!

Charlie turned 10 months this week. He is starting to cruise a little.  He points and when he does Chris and I think he may be saying "dat" but who the hell knows.  He got his first buzz cut, thanks to Daddy. He doesn't look like a little baby anymore. So sad!

He has come down with a virus and a staph infection. He's on an antibiotic, Motrin & Tylenol.  Since starting the antibiotic his rash/staph infection has gotten a bit better.  His fever is pretty much gone today. He got one dose of Motrin at breakfast and has been free of any fever/pain meds since then. 

The nights have been the tough part.  He only sleeps for a couple of hours at most and won't fall asleep again unless I'm holding him up against my chest.  Chris has been super supportive often taking the night cries without me having to elbow him despite working late the last couple of nights.  Charlie went down for his afternoon nap without much of a fight. Hopefully, tonight will be better.

Charlie is starting to smile and eat again so that's a good sign.  Dr. Sarah said we should see a big difference in him by the end of the weekend.  I think he's about 75% of the way back.

Amazingly, Ellie has remained fever/virus free.  Somehow Charlie is the only one in the house that got it (for now!). Here are some pictures from a recent park playdate and Ellie with the life size version of herself she made at school!

Charlie is a huge fan of the swing.

Ellie & her new buddy Audrey.

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