Sunday, January 3, 2010

From Hotgirls to Hot Mama's!

My senior year of college I had the best time living with my "Hotgirls" in our apartment on campus.  One of my favorite days every year is when we all get together for our holiday get together.  The first few years it was all about margaritas and too much wine, which then turns into embarrassing photos that make their way into framed photos we have displayed in our homes.  Now our parties are so tame it's almost lame, except that I love them more than ever. Between the five of us that can manage to get together on a yearly basis, we currently have seven kids. 

Next year, we will have ELEVEN!  I was looking at my pictures from our vacation and realized how lucky I am to have these wonderful women in my life.  On the way home from the party, Hubby asked me how long I thought we'd be getting together for our yearly party.  My response was, "hopefully forever!"

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  1. OH my goodness! I love this! You guys are awesome. I think I would enjoy a get together like that more than the drinking and partying days too! I wish I had something like it!