Monday, August 17, 2009

Amnio... check!

Today wasn't so bad. As I have told a number of you already, the shot in the ass from the Rogam shot was way worse than getting stuck for the Amnio TWICE! The first time he (yes it is a confirmed HE!!) moved right for the needle so they had to find another spot. We should have the results Wednesday night or Thursday morning. I'm not really worried about it right now. I do believe in the power of positive thinking, but it's not even like that. I just honestly feel like he is healthy and will be born with no VSD. The VSD is so small that at least four professionals have told me that they would be surprised if it didn't close up before birth. They also added that if by chance it didn't it's already so small that it shouldn't present a problem after birth.

My only concern comes from hearing that sometimes a VSD is part of a larger heart problem that they can't yet detect. The amnio will help with part of this, ruling out any type of chromosome issue. We are also getting checked for the 22q deletion, which is also called DiGeorge Syndrome. We got checked for that with Ellie as well. Oh and we are part of a super cool research study where they look at each chromosome for me, Chris and the baby and carefully look at each strand of DNA for any deletion, shading, anything out of order, stuff like that... it's called a something-array-something-or-other (I am very technical, I know). We won't get the results of that until after the Amnio and DiGeorge results.

Given that the VSD could be a sign of a bigger problem, I don't know that I'm comfortable waiting until 30 weeks for the next fetal echo like they originally suggested. Originally I was supposed to have one between 22-24 weeks and then a final one at about 35 weeks. I think I'm going to ask them to go back to that original plan. I go in for an anatomy scan on September 9th. It will be nice seeing him on ultrasound again. He is already a cutie! Today, we caught him sucking his thumb.

The only thing I worry about is the fact that if something is chromosomally wrong and we choose to terminate I will never be the same person again. Nothing in life will be the same. Nothing. I am hopeful that this is a decision we will never have to make, but like anyone would naturally, my mind does go there on occasion.

I am still a little crampy from the procedure. I have been on the couch since I've been home. Heading to bed now. I can't lift anything for three days. Woo hoo no laundry! If I don't have any issues tonight and tomorrow I can be confident that miscarriage won't be a risk I have to worry about. The odds are 1 in 400 and I lucked out with the best doctor in the practice. He was really funny too and I was giving it back to him as quickly as he was dishing it out.

I am so ecstatic that #3 is a boy. And no I didn't cave as most of you thought I would. At my fetal echo last week they were looking at the baby and I swear I saw a penis. After having so many ultrasounds I usually know what I'm looking at, so that pretty much ruined it for me. We found out for sure today because I had already figured it out. Anyway, we think we have a name we both love and Chris just told me he wouldn't kill me if I let the cat out of the bag. We like the name Nathaniel Scott Luis and we'll call him Than. We had a friend in college named Than and for the longest time I never knew what Than stood for, but I loved it. So we aren't really naming our kid AFTER him, but he did give us the idea because he's the only Than we know. I should also mention the name isn't 100% so don't go out ordering embroidered blankets or anything. I need to mention that because my sister is crazy when it comes to spoiling my kids. It's just the first name we both got excited about and we came up with it the amnio room and it just got me really excited for #3. I am already picturing my boys four years from now in bunk beds!

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  1. ummm 6 hours ago it was Thomas LOL. I'm not embroidering anything...