Monday, August 10, 2009

Such a big girl...

Magoo has been such a big girl. She really is just so smart. I know that all Moms think that about their kids... but I'm different, because I'm right. She is sitting here practicing her letters. So exciting about starting school in September. My biggest fear is that she is going to get kicked out for having one too many accidents. She's peed on the floor twice today and had countless accidents this weekend while my parents were here visiting. It use to be so frustrating, but now I am just at a loss. I keep telling myself she won't have any problems at school. Kids are different when they are around other kids, right? Ughgh. I'm just going to feel bad if she's "that kid." I remember having an accident in Kindergarten and waiting in the bathroom while my godmother brought me a change of clothes... I'm 30. I shouldn't remember that, but I do. Granted, it was Catholic school so who knows what kind of shame they tried to lay on me :)

On another note, I stopped nursing Bubba last week. I think I pumped once on Thursday and that's it. My poor boobs hurt for so long. I forgot what it's like. I am so unbelievably sad. Much more upset about not nursing than I thought I would be. I was sort of looking forward to it. I have cried about four times. After the first two days he was taking the formula fine. He doesn't have any issues. I have many. I know that this really is the best thing for him and #3. By the time #3 gets here he won't feel like he's being dumped and abandoned because I am nursing #3 and not him. I have a few months to have my body (somewhat) back. I'm not as tired as I use to be, which is better for both Bubba and Magoo! I was just surprised by the emotional attachment nursing brings. I never expected it, but it was pretty great.

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