Friday, September 25, 2009

Our trip to D.C. and a few random kid pics

We really had a great time in D.C. Chris attended the Inc. 500/5000 conference and awards gala with the President and VP of the company he works for. I was lucky to get an invite to tag along. We stayed across the street at the Marriott and I spent a lot of time in the comfy bed and my PJ's! I spent the mornings attending entrepreneur sessions and the afternoons watching my soaps in bed. It was pure bliss. I missed the kids a lot, but it was nice to only have to worry about myself. It took a couple of days to adjust once we got there and then another couple of days to readjust once we got back!!

The black-tie gala was great. I only wish I could have drank with a million open bar events and a champagne reception before the awards gala. It's funny how much you miss something only because you can't do it! I'm not much of a drinker usually!

I had one epiphany about entrepreneurs... some are just arrogant a-holes while others just consider their good fortune a stroke of luck, even though they possess the same charisma and business sense the a-holes have... the second type are far more likable. Here are some random pictures from our trip:

Outside the Gaylord National (Conference Headquarters)

Inside the Gaylord Atrium where there are shops and restaurants

Charlie at the doctor's before we left.

Charlie enjoying our new stroller.

Ellie at the park after school.

Charlie enjoying a cracker.

Lunch at the park!


The best stroller ever invented. EVER!

Lounging around during our trip through Target.

Oh, we're back to our vacation... this is where we had lunch.

The pier.

Oh and there is the Mercedes that we didn't win!

Special thanks to Gramma and Papa for coming to stay with the kids. They had a great time and Chris and I could only enjoy ourselves knowing that the kids could care less that we were gone!

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