Thursday, November 19, 2009

Random Thursday Update

I know this blog is a million shades of boring. I'm not a writer, never was, never will be. I just like that I can write down what we've been up to so family back in NE feels at least a little more connected to the kids. I know they are still cursing us for moving them away.

Charlie had a dermatology appointment today because his diaper rash came back. The dermatologist said that everything looks good and he doubts Charlie ever had a staph infection. I'm annoyed by this mostly because I had to throw away a bunch of diapers that run about $18-$22 each just to be on the safe side. I was majorly disappointed when the rash came back after tossing a small fortune. By what I described, because of course it was 99% cleared up by the time we got in to see him, he said it was most likely yeast and nothing to be concerned about. He did give us an Rx diaper cream to use if it does come back again. He was really nice.

Ellie has been a trip. She's been talking a lot about babies and being pregnant lately. We started putting up the Christmas decorations and she has a small nativity scene on her night stand. She keeps telling me that her baby isn't named Jesus.... imagine if we named the kid Jesus? Goodness!! On the flip side of all the cuteness is a little girl I want to send away on vacation for a while. She just loves to say “No” and has trouble listening when there is something else she’d rather be doing. Last night she went to bed without stories. She screamed her head off for five minutes before she fell asleep. She woke up at 5 a.m. asking for stories. I gave her Gramma’s magic sleepy blanket (a random blanket my MIL gave her) and she went right back to bed. It worked like a charm and I only wish Chris had thought of this idea earlier!

Still no decisions in the baby name department. I do know that after the power cleaning last weekend I have absolutely zero energy, which makes me a little sad because I feel like I'm ignoring Ellie just a wee bit! It seriously takes me all damn day just to get the kitchen cleaned. It’s in a constant state of mess, which I why I have a hard time enjoying cleaning in the first place. Why doesn’t anything ever just STAY clean?

My doctor called me. My lab work came back negative so I’m fine. The thyroid ultrasound did show a nodule, but it’s only 3 mm and they don’t worry until it’s over 1cm. I go back in a year to get it checked again. They’ll just continue to keep an eye on it. Chris had his yearly check up too. He has to go for a sleep study and still has to get lab work done. Why does everything go downhill after you turn 30… actually Chris isn’t even 30 yet!! I have no idea what I’m going to do for his b-day. Any ideas? I doubt he ever looks at this so you can leave a comment if you have a good one.

We are going on a DATE Saturday night!! This will be our first date out of the house since Valentine’s day when my in laws where here and stayed with the kids so we could get a drink and catch a movie. We are hitting up the movies again to go see “New Moon.” I am beyond excited.

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  1. Hi Alicen,
    I hav actually had at least 3 students named Jesus at school. Give the kids hugs and kisses from us.

    Love you Lisa