Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rock-a-bye Baby

Today was a day from hell.  Ellie's attitude has been so bad lately. She is exhausted by 3pm, but if she takes a nap she is up until 11pm. I like to be in bed by 11pm, so I certainly don't want to be up with her at that time. Because of this, she has been napless for about a year now.  I am about 90% sure that her poor behavior is a result of her being overtired and not that she is the anti-christ.

Tonight she begged me to go to bed at 6:30 after being in time out for the fifth time in as many hours.  I was more than happy to oblige. I put Than in his crib, got through Ellie's bedtime routine, read to Charlie and then put him down as well.  All three kids in bed and asleep by 7:15!

I had fifteen minutes to myself.  Fifteen minutes. Before someone (Charlie) started crying.  My first reaction was to be annoyed.  I went in the boys room and there he was standing in his crib with his arms stretched out for me.   As soon as I saw him I felt better.  He just needed a cuddle. I picked him up and we cuddled in his rocker for 20 or so minutes. I realized that in a few years he probably won't want to do that anymore. It was the reality check I needed to snap me out of my funk.  We only get to do this once.

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