Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm dreaming of Hunters

I was doing very well and getting fabulously fit until about November.  The kids got sick. The holidays happened. The kids were still sick. I started eating cow products again. Birthdays happened.  The kids are still sick.  I haven't gotten to the gym much the last two months.  I know it's all excuses because if I was dedicated I would go at night when Chris got home since I can't bring the kiddos with me when they are sick.  But seriously, who wants to go to the gym at night in the cold after the kids are in bed when you really just want to be in bed too?  Not me. I'm not that good.

Lately, I've been coveting a pair of boots.  I first noticed them on a preschool mom, then my friend Tracy got a pair for Christmas.  I am lusting after them big time.  I showed them to Chris and he basically said I was crazy. I'm not a trendy girl. I don't care about name brands or labels, but I am seriously obsessed with these boots.  Obsessions like these don't come often for me, I assure you!  Angelina Jolie wore a red pair in Mr. & Mrs Smith. Hello, they are that cool they scored her Brad Pitt!

In an effort to get myself back in the game I struck a deal with Hubby.  When I lose 15 more pounds I can buy my boots. I flipping can't wait.  He then proceeded to tell me that by the time I can get the boots they won't be in style anymore. He assures me that the meaning I drew from that isn't what he intended. (I believe him. Sort of.)


  1. You are SO FUNNY! You're craving wellies! You can totally lose 15 pounds and get these! And they'll still be in style! GO ALICEN!

  2. I saw these on the today show , very much in !