Friday, April 24, 2009

Moms Club was good!

We all had a great time! Phew.

When I got Ellie out of the car she said, "Look Mommy a rock." I looked over just in time to see her chuck it at the nice Cadillac that we were parked next to. Whoops!

There were about 8 other moms there. One was new like me. All of the kids were around three years old. Bubba will have some friends when he gets bigger as well. AND the park is a mile away from our house and super easy to get to. In the future I'll be hoofing it. Magoo was extremely antisocial when we first got there, but warmed up in the sandbox. I was excited to see her finally start talking to the kids.

I am pretty sure we'll join "The Club" and get started in a regular playgroup. When Magoo starts her preschool I'll start going to one with Bubba. He'll probably be into something like that around then.

Chris would like the park too. There were courts for tennis and basketball and one of those exercise stations (not sure what they are really called, with pull up bars and such) right next to the playground. Fun for all!

Ok, the kids are sleeping. I am going to take advantage and make up the bed in the guest room.

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  1. Thank GOD you ended up joining the club or I never would have met you. Whew!