Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

Dear Charlie,

Today is your second birthday.  You woke up calling for me, and after two days of being pretty darn sick you had a smile on your face jumping up and down in your crib. Your sister and I greeted you with our lovely rendition of "Happy Birthday To You" which you weren't too sure of at first.  You continued to give me dirty looks as I changed your diaper.  I let you stay in your PJ's. It is your birthday after all and we didn't have anywhere to be until later in the afternoon.

Before breakfast Ellie wanted you to open just one present. I am pretty sure it was more for her enjoyment then yours, but she can get away with that for at least another year or two.  You unwrapped your Elmo Play Dough Shape Maker.  By 8:30 we were finished making your b-day cupcakes.  We used Diego liners because even at only two years old you seem to have already outgrown Blue's Clues, which was the themed party I had pictured in my head several months ago.  Your sister graciously handed you the mixer attachment covered in vegan chocolate batter first because you are the "birthday boy".  She's been calling you birthday boy all day.  You may not realize it's your special day, but she sure does.

This afternoon you had your two year well visit at the pediatrician. You did well with the one shot and finger prick you received.  Dr. Sarah was happy with how big you're getting. I wasn't surprised that your head is the biggest part of your body :) You get that from the Mello side of the family. When you get older, if you have issues with me calling your head big remind me to tell you the story about your cousin Kenny and how they wanted to send him for a CAT scan when he was born.  After your appointment Ellie and I frosted your cupcakes.  She said you'd like them with blue frosting, so we tinted it blue just for you!

After dinner, you blew out your candles with a little help from Daddy.  You seemed impressed with your cupcake.  You waited to eat it until after you opened your presents. You weren't very impressed with the t-shirts we got you, but you seemed to love the Tomas & Friends Adventure on Misty Island Mega Block Set, your first remote control car, your Buzz Lightyear space racer and your Thomas bath toy.  All in all, I think it was a pretty successful birthday.  I love you honey. I am so happy to be celebrating the milestone of your second birthday.

All my love,

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  1. Happy birthday Charlie! I can't believe how much you have grown and changed since I first met you. I love how you always greet me with a smile and you will come right on over for hugs. You are such a friendly, happy, laid back little guy. You have a wonderful mama who does such an amazing job of fostering your personality, along with your sister's and brother's, with patience and love. I'm so lucky to know you all!