Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Nutcracker (and some randomness)

E and I were fortunate enough to go see The Nutcracker this afternoon thanks to Hubby's boss and our babysitter who I was able to snag last minute to stay with my (sick again) boys for the day.  We had such a great time. We were right in the center section of the lowest level of the balcony. Our view was perfect. My favorite part was when E would fervently clap after one of the ballerinas did a solo.  She did ask to leave three times. Once right before the first act was over, once during intermission, and once at the end.  I think this was a combination of short attention span and hunger. We had a little snack before the noon show, but I was quite hungry by the end and I'm sure she was too.  Our sitter didn't mind staying later even though the boys only slept half an hour so E and I could grab a late lunch in the city. It was another magical day.  She's at a great age to enjoy special outings with her Momma!

I have to say I love Philadelphia. Driving around is so easy and I don't think twice about driving into the city.  I should clarify that I don't mind driving into the city with good cause.  I will drive in to visit Hubs for lunch, see The Nutcracker, or go to the CHOP ER.  I won't drive there by myself just to grab a bite to eat or to go shopping at a store I could easily find outside the city, like Macy's.  I hear they have a gorgeous Christmas display in the city, but I can't stand shopping and staring at a large Christmas tree just doesn't do it for me. Though I'll admit that I was tempted to stop as I drove by today with just E in the car.  The $23 we had already paid for parking for the day snapped me out of that though.

I can't say the same thing about Boston. I drive through Boston white knuckled and this includes places I have gone to a million times.  I usually try to get back up to go with me, especially if I have the kids.  I avoid it at all costs.  Philadelphia is laid out so well. I love it. 

I broke down and called our Realtor.  Our lease is up at the end of January. We need to find another house to rent because they have found buyers for the one we're in.  For some time now I have decided to not deal with it because there really wasn't much to do, except obsess.  Melanie already found us a gorgeous house, but it's in the next town over. I don't mind that, except that I want to make sure E can continue at her current preschool.  That is the only deal breaker I have. I'll even share a bathroom with my kids if I have to.  P.S. moving sucks.

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