Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let's hope the next 8 years fly by this fast!

Yesterday Chris and I celebrated our  8 year wedding anniversary.  8 years.  They flew by.  It sort of makes me laugh to think about our life together in college where we met in 1999.  Some people would call it "on and off"  I would call it "giving each other room to grow."  We were married in 2003.   Had our first kid in 2006.   Went to hell and back (a couple of times) in 2007.  Celebrating eight married years together and sending our first kid off to kindergarten in the fall.  Where did the time go?  Am I really already that old?

Chris really out did himself this year.  As I've mentioned before we don't really do gifts.  Birthdays. Christmas. Anniversary.  Each year we go back and forth, "are you buying me something?" "Are you buying me something?"  Our life is comfortable enough that we don't really want for much and when we do we budget and save to get it when it makes sense for us to do so.   I didn't get Chris anything this year.  Nada.  Not even a card!

I had my cycle-a-thon event to support Children's Hospital Boston on Sunday.  Fearing I'd be incredibly sore and seeing that heavy rain was in the forecast I decided to stick out Monday in Massachusetts and drive back Tuesday morning. So in my defense I was planning on picking him up at least a card, but my plans were delayed so I didn't.  Have you tried picking out a card at CVS with three kids with you?  I didn't think so.

He vacuumed the entire house! I know, incredibly romantic!! The little things thrill me!  He hid my card and gift in the sippy cup cabinet... but I didn't find it until he told me where to look.  He replaced the earrings I lost a couple of weeks before we moved and this time they came with screw backs. Woo hoo!  He did good.  I am certainly a very lucky lady.

Happy Anniversary to my best friend and partner in love and life!  We've so got this!


  1. awww Chris is so sweet! Happy Anniversary you two!

  2. hahaha well you made up for it by getting him an Ipad2 !!