Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2 Month Check Up

Bubba met his new pediatrician today. He got four shots. Poor kid. He's been sleeping most of the afternoon. He weighed 13 pounds and was 22 1/2 inches. I'm confused because at his 5 week he was 22.5 inches... which I think is the same thing? I am sure I sound stupid right now, but did he really not grow at all in length the last three weeks? Just gain over 2 pounds?

After the doctor's we went to Walmart. (Jen, they had the next size in his Easter outfit. Super cute!) We bought some bird seed and had lunch at the Subway there. (I got $120 worth of groceries for $54 at Pathmark yesterday so I justified spending the $5.) I dropped my soda all over the floor and screamed "oh shit" at the top of my lungs. I was embarrassed so we left.

Now I'm on the computer when I should be switching over the laundry. In all fairness, I am also looking up recipe ideas to figure out what we're having for dinner tonight :)

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