Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Quiet Weekend

A quiet weekend is something we're not use to. We keep asking each other - "what are we going to do today?" It's so weird. We're usually overbooked with family parties and plans with friends. Not this weekend!
We did rent a few movies (love red box) and we checked out a new (to us) restaurant "Cheeburger Cheeburger." It's like the "Peach Pit" from 90210. It's a dangerous place that serves cheeseburgers that you choose all the toppings for and the most amazing onion rings, fries, and don't even get me started on the shakes! I'm sure my meal was well over 1500 calories. It was sort of worth it though.
Magoo continues to do well eating. She hasn't really gained this week. I just weighed her after her bath and she was still at 23 pounds 13.5 ounces. BUT the important thing is that she has sustained her weight with absolutely no use of her g-tube. She continues to eat well and try new things. Just last night at the restaurant she had deep fried mac & cheese. They are triangles of mac and cheese deep fried in peanut oil. She ate about half of the serving, which is great. She usually will only take a bite or two of something. She actually just yelled from the living room "I'm hungry Mom. Can we eat dinner?" WOW! Yes, she is eating her Edy's ice cream with a baby spoon in that picture. I think it's part of her regressing baby stuff. She is doing AMAZING with potty training. It's been a little less than a week now. She gets plastic pants or pull ups during the night and sometime at naps. She hasn't really had many accidents and not more than one a day at the most. She stayed dry all night last night. We don't put anything on her when she leaves the house. It's more work for us now than anything. I started giving her "chores." She is now responsible for making her bed in the morning. This morning she made a bed on the coffee table in the living room. LOL. She cracks me up. She's eating Brownies right now watching Madagascar 2 for the third time.
Bubba is doing well too. He is always so happy and his smile seriously melts my heart. Nothing much new going on with him. He is starting to giggle a little. His head control is almost perfect. I put him in his bumbo seat today for the first time and you could tell his little neck got tired. He's almost there. He's passed out sleeping on our bed at the moment. When he wakes up it's his turn for a bath. The cloth diapers are working out great. I have enough that I wash them every other day. When he moves up a size we have enough to last a few days I think. He has not had diaper rash ONCE! He is starting to reach out for things. He bats at them, but doesn't quite get grabbing yet. I'll post how much he weighs after his bath. I'm sure it'll be at least 13 pounds. (Yes, he was 13 pounds on the dot!) Chris just got in from vacuuming the cars. Apparently he pulled a muscle in his butt. Only he could accomplish this. I suppose I should start lunch! After the kids have their afternoon nap we are heading to the local mall to check it out. Oh yeah, exciting news... I found TWO D&D with drive thru's! One is near Target and the other is near one of the grocery stores I frequent. The good news is that they are far enough away that I wouldn't go there just for the heck of it. The bad news is that there is one right inside one of my other favorite grocery stores. I have only gone twice and both times I had coupons for a free something or other, so I haven't actually spent any money there. Go me! Go me! D&D seriously is an addiction.

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