Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So sad

Hubs got me the perfect valentine's gift... my Hunters boots! He even got me some grizzly socks to go with them.  They arrived today and I was so excited to open the box and put them on.  I was content to just walk around the house since there is neither slush nor rain outside.  

But alas, I am too damn short for them... or at least the lower part of my leg is.  The height makes them too uncomfortable to walk in and when I sit they jab into the back of my leg.(Which they are doing at this very moment because I have yet to take them off.) Not pleasant.  I am so sad.  

They have a short version at Nordstrom's at the mall that I am going to go check out. Maybe tonight if Hubby is game.  He has to return his v-day present too and is going to pick out some new running sneakers instead.  As you can see, I am awesome at gift giving, which is why we normally don't bother.

The kids were totally excited by theirs though.  They each got a new book for the Tag Reading system.  Well not Than, he got a package of dairy free fig newman's. The books are to keep them busy during our 6+ hour drive we have coming soon to spend a long weekend with my 2C3 hotgirls! All of us and our hubbbys and our 11 children for four days on the cape in a beautiful rental! Woo hoo!!!

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